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Cellule base de données
Database unit

Version imprimable  Version imprimable

President : Gerald Bach

Date of creation : February 2004

Duration : unlimited

Aim : this unit constitute a database on the knowledge and the culture of carnivorous plants. In this database, there is as many writting documents, as photographs, as videos.

Departments :

  • culture sheets,
  • practical works,
  • virtual visits,
  • photographic album (depends to the photograph unit).

I) Culture sheets

Carnivorous plants are grouped in 16 types, all around the earth. We can count several hundred of taxons living in different surroundings. So, the carnivorous plants culture requires a good knowledge of each plant's particularities about substratum, humidity, lightness and temperature. We can easily find a description of those particularities in books in which the culture is described for a plant group.
The "culture sheets" department produces full sheets which contain every way of culture with the respective interests. Rossolis' culture sheets are really new because they explain in detail culture's techniques for each varieties. If you too, want to share your experience, join us. Even the beginners have good ideas to share!

Boss project: Lionel Leopoldes

II) Practical works

The culture sheets give several different culture techniques. Those often requires to be detailed according to the difficulties for the implementation.
The "practical works" department give the description of those techniques in the easiest way it can.

Boss project: Gerald Bach

III) Virtual visits

Sometimes it helps to go on natural sites for the carnivorous plants' culture. Watching those environments, helps to perfect the culture techniques making the conditions as close as the real ones. It's not so easy to go on natural sites especially when it's hard to get to, dangerous, and far from home. This department allows to travel and to learn about those weird plants.

Boss project: Laurent Schweitzer

IV) Photographic Album

The photographic album of the database unit has been realised with the photographic unit. Our department wants to give you the most beautiful pictures of as many taxons as possible. The aim is to gather photographs of vegetative form, sleepy form, and of the flowering of each taxon. Our project is ambitious but workable. Join us, you won't be disappointed.

Boss project: Gerald Bach

A unit always looking for innovations, a permanent challenge for new technologies, resaerchs, discussions and questions on forums; that is my daily activity. For the photographs lovers, I would say a thing: we are working on many groups of each about a hundred pictures, and so, on hudge volums of photographs. Just for June-July 2004, 1.5 GO of high quality photographs has been exploited and sorted out. Competences and interests are varied. Imagination doesn't have any limit, we could search together how to make our dreams come true! If you think, as I, that it's not at the Human to expect from the machin, but at the machin to expect from the Human, we are on the same wave. ;-)

The president: Gerald Bach.

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Publié le: 2004-10-29, dernière modification le: 2004-10-29 (3710 lecture(s))

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