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The Alsatian Carnivorous Plants Society wishes you welcome on its website.
Rossolis CPS, for carnivorous plants lovers and fanatics.

CPS introduction

  • More than a single word, Rossolis is also a team
  • Rossolis in the futur
  • Why joining or living Rossolis.


Rossolis is offering itself a new website but also new fonctions.

The PHP technology, which replaces our old HTML website, gives us a dynamic and multifonction website. It allows the integration and the management of:

  • a high quality photograph album,
  • methods of cultivation,
  • practical works,
  • articles and report.

It has allowed to merge all the works in order to build up what will become soon a complete database on carnivorous plants.

New plans have come into being like:

  • a free from royalties photographic library in which everyone can contribute,
  • the addition of a Rossolis forum which is useful for the CPS management but also for advising the members,
  • the addition of a chat only for the visitors of our website which allows everyone to discuss and share freely their knowledge,
  • the addition of a calendar, which can be used easily, gives all the carnivorous plants meeting dates,
  • the possibility to send e-cards from the photographic library or to see "diaporamas".

This website is a main evolution for Rossolis, it will allow the association to make plans for futur. A futur which uses internet more and more, with all its possibilities. At present, internet has to be interactive to allow everyone to take part adding his contribution ti the association, with remarks, expectations...

Gerald Bach: President and Webmaster.

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